Producer of “Kill bill” got fired for sexual harassment

Продюсера «Убить Билла» уволили из-за сексуальных домогательств Harvey Weinstein, who has worked with stars of the first echelon, was at the center of the scandal. Figure of show-business was suspected of inappropriate behavior towards subordinates and Actresses, including the star of the TV series “Charmed” rose McGowan.
Продюсера «Убить Билла» уволили из-за сексуальных домогательств

Day after day, has been simmering scandal over the famous Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who worked on such films as “Kill bill”, “Shakespeare in Love”, the trilogy “the Lord of the rings” and “the Scream” . 65-year-old man accused of sexually assaulting a subordinate and Actresses, including rose McGowan and Ashley Judd. Big investigation appeared in one of the foreign media and caused a huge public outcry. The article claimed that Weinstein had exceeded his authority for thirty years, and allegedly made away from women in exchange for moving up the career ladder.

Recently it became known that Harvey Weinstein lost his managerial position in the same company.

“In light of new information about the misconduct of Harvey Weinstein, which appeared in the past few days, Director of the Weinstein Company decided to notify Harvey Weinstein that his employment relationship with the Weinstein Company terminated”, – reported in the official statement of the organization.
Продюсера «Убить Билла» уволили из-за сексуальных домогательств

Sam Harvey Weinstein is going to sue the newspaper, accusing him of slander. The lawyer of the men said that the article is based on rumors and mistakes of journalists. However, in its official statement, the producer admitted that it was not always behaved correctly, and apologized to colleagues. According to Weinstein, he grew up in the 60s and 70s, when the rules of behavior on the job was a little different.

“Since then, I’ve learned that it’s not an excuse, in the office or outside it. For anyone. Some time ago I realized that I need to get better, and changed their communication style with other people. I realize that my behavior towards colleagues brought them a lot of pain, and I sincerely apologize for that. I’m trying to get better, and I still have a lot of work in this direction. It was my responsibility. I must learn more about themselves and overcome inner demons”, – said in the appeal of men.
Продюсера «Убить Билла» уволили из-за сексуальных домогательств

Visintin said that she had hired a therapist and planning to take a vacation, to cope with the problem. The producer assists the lawyer Lisa bloom, who specializiruetsya on the protection of victims of sexual harassment.

“I want to get a second chance in society, but I know it will have to try. I set myself priorities. Believe me, they can’t just achieve overnight. I tried to do it for ten years, and now realized that I need to be more active. I am truly sorry to those people who are hurt,” said Weinstein.

The star of the show “Charmed” rose McGowan does not hide emotions about the situation. The actress offers women to fight on. By the way, in October last year, rose said that it has dishonored one Hollywood producer. The name of the worker of show business McGowan chose not to call. However, in light of recent events, fans of the women suggest that she was talking about Weinstein.