Продюсера детской поп-группы отправили в тюрьму за педофилию The court sentenced Omsk the worker of show business, Sergey Grushevsky, who worked with the band “Denim boys”. Male leave the colony of strict regime. Earlier Hrushevsky called the accusations made by spiteful critics.
Продюсера детской поп-группы отправили в тюрьму за педофилию

This week, the Meshchansky district court of Moscow sentenced Omsk producer of children’s music groups to Sergey Grushevsky, who was suspected of pedophilia. The man was found guilty and sent to prison. Journalists report that Hrushevsky will spend 17 years in correctional colony of strict regime.

It is unknown whether the recognized producer of the guilt. Other details were not disclosed, the case was heard behind closed doors.

Earlier in Omsk journalist Victor Korb published in the Network in correspondence with Hrushevsky, who was in the hospital SIZO-2. Figure of show business, refused to confess to the acts attributed to him. Hrushevsky argued that process – the handiwork of detractors who were holding a grudge.

“Dirt’s not on me. Immediately spent all of my surroundings, like I confessed, testifying, etc. Nothing like that! Guilt does not recognize and article 51-I. (article of the Constitution guaranteeing the right of an accused not to incriminate himself. – Ed.). Someone I did not hit too striding, wrote producer. – In fact slander. He worked for former participants of the Studio period 2013-2015 (three), was persuaded to sign. The story has been long, looking for money and respect. In addition to these offended moms nobody leaked”.
Продюсера детской поп-группы отправили в тюрьму за педофилию

Hrushevsky believes that his partner at the Studio – “bad man”. “Only by stipulation, no witnesses, and discredit (in 10 months gave my four computers, two trunk carriers, camera, fotik, etc.)”, – said the producer. According to Hrushevsky, after the start of the investigation and the resonance caused by the case, turned away from him many friends. The man continued to maintain only the most loyal friends.

We will remind that Sergey Grushevsky was accused of four episodes of violent acts of sexual character against minors. The victims of the producer was from 12 to 14 years. According to investigators, Hrushevsky molested children at rehearsals in his apartment in Central Moscow. The reason for the start of the investigation was the statements of the parents of the victims. The producer was arrested in April last year.

Serhiy Hrushevsky was born in Omsk in 1971. After graduating from the philological faculty Omgpu he worked as a journalist in the newspaper and broadcasting companies, produced boysband “Denim boys” and “Batman,” as well as worked leading.

According to “the New Omsk” and “-info”.