Producer group “Tender may” Andrei Razin insulted Alla Pugacheva

Продюсер группы "Ласковый май" Андрей Разин оскорбил Аллу Пугачёву
Producer group “Tender may” Andrei Razin in recent times flashes on the screen of the TV programme Andrey Malakhov.

Продюсер группы "Ласковый май" Андрей Разин оскорбил Аллу Пугачёву

In addition, Andrew leads his Instagram in which he expressed his point of view on the events in the Russian show-business.

Yesterday he decided to “walk” by Alla Pugacheva, more precisely, its voice.

In his Instagram Razin says:

“In this photo, we see Alla Pugacheva with a cigarette . I was always amazed that Alla Borisovna even at a young age, having a young child, was a smoker. I never smoked and any delay did not. In “Tender may” it’s very much all punished. I believe that the voice of Alla Pugacheva was really good and the best in the world. So, she won prestigious international competitions. However, it is the Smoking has done its job and today Pugacheva almost turned into a mediocre singer, because it sat very low voice. So to hear that we could hear and enjoy her voice, we, unfortunately, can not, therefore, listen to the voice of Andrei Razin, non-Smoking, but a very fine singer.”

Of course, the comments erupted with a torrent of criticism now address Razin that ugly PR at the expense of the Divas, but everyone understands that he does have it?

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