Producer ex-soloist of “the Brothers Grimm”: “Boris is looking for where to get a sex change”

Продюсер экс-солиста «Братьев Грим»: «Борис ищет, где сменить пол» Boris Burdaev thought about becoming a woman. The ex-soloist of the band not so long ago admitted their homosexual. At the moment the musician looking for where to do the surgery.

      The musician of group “the Brothers Grimm” Boris Burdaev some time ago admitted homosexual. According to the producer of the artist Andrei Borodin, is now a 35-year-old ex-soloist of the duet is going to have a sex change.

      “I’m against it. I said that if he changed gender, I’ll stop working with him. If a person changes their gender, you know what’s going on with his psyche. It’s sick, inadequate person. Why do I need these people?” – said Borodin “StarHit”.

      According to the representative, its production center do not need such a reputation since his organization is working with children. Andrew noted that at the moment Boris is looking for a place to do the surgery. “Look at it “Instagram”, note how much he is abroad. However, until the date of the transaction is not assigned,” explained the producer.

      Yet Burdaev goes on tour with concerts no changes from his team in the near future is not expected. All scheduled events will take place.

      “I warned him that terminates a contract with him. But if a person goes to such measures, he aspires to it. He understands that he will not be able to make money under the name of “the Brothers Grimm”, if you become a woman,” said Boris.

      Andrew noted that there are stories in the Russian show-business, where artists who had a sex change, instantly left without a job because nobody wanted to deal with stars that have obvious mental problems. “Such people do not work, they are inadequate,” explained the producer.

      We will remind that after disintegration of group “Brothers Grimm” among the musicians, Boris and Konstantin had some disagreements over the team name. After each of them began a solo career, Boris said that he would like to take again the name of the group “the Brothers Grimm” which was memorable for many fans. However, the relatives could not agree, so Boris started his own project “Boris the Makeup and “the Brothers Grimm”. Constantine also began recording new tracks with the other musicians. Between brothers almost no contact.