Problems with plastic Windows and their solution

Проблемы с пластиковыми окнами и их решение

Проблемы с пластиковыми окнами и их решение

The Windows of PVC profile is securely joined our lives: 50% of apartments already installed at least one plastic window. This is not surprising — PVC Windows practical, long life and do not require special care.

Due to the large number of firms and companies engaged in plastic Windows, erased the boundaries of quality Windows. Now to distinguish reliable plastic window from those with lower lifetime average consumer is almost impossible. In search of the ideal family are paying too much. Show defective window either immediately after installation or after a change of season (summer to winter, winter to summer). Sometimes a repair of Windows.

The most common issues you may encounter consumer

Handles tight turns

If this problem occurs, do not rush immediately to change the fittings. Perhaps the handle will shrink the window and become more flexible.

If after 2-3 weeks the handle is opened with the same force, or a screech, an occasion to reflect. Causes of the problem can be two: low quality fittings or violation of rules of installation of plastic Windows.

Accessories of low quality is characterized by the service life of 2-3 times lower than high-quality analogue.

Discovered defects, the accessories can be changed to German with a lifespan of over 50 years.

Error in installation of plastic Windows and associated hardware show not the professionalism of the team. Prior to the installation of Windows require the company certification of installers under international and Russian standards. Customer service of the manufacturer should promptly react to your request and resolve the problem either under warranty or as part of the repair of the plastic window.

The sash clings to the frame when closing

This issue occurs in case of prolonged use or in violation of the geometry of the window.

The solution is able to solve a customer service specialist will inspect the box and make a conclusion on necessary measures. In a simple case it will be adjustment and repair of Windows.

If the problem is severe enough and you have a window without reinforcing the foundations, you’ll need to reinstall.

The handle is not rotated to the end

Here, as in the previous case, the problem lies in either poor hardware or in the operation of the mechanism. Specialist service of plastic Windows to carry out the procedure for replacing the handle of a window, or adjust machinery to the soft and smooth glide.

Blowing out the window

This problem come in 7 of 10 cases of poorly installed Windows. The cracks in the Windows can occur due to poor quality of the installation team who have committed gross violations of the installation of plastic Windows.

The problem may be deeper and lie in the process of calculation, the expert did not consider the window opening and/or inaccurate shot sizes.

To save money sometimes resort to replacing the window seals, but it is not an alternative to professional installation of new plastic Windows.

Glass “sweat” or frost is formed in the cold season

This problem may have several causes that seriously affect diagnosis plastic Windows.

The problem of fogging can be solved by daily airing of the room. The condensate is formed due to the difference of temperatures and high humidity in the room. Sometimes you need glass replacement on a more heat resistant. Due to the difference of temperatures, the window just does not have time to warm up.

Modern technology offers alternative of glass with improved characteristics, and argon gas filled or with heat-reflective coating. The window is chosen for a specific premises, location of heat sources, heating appliances and batteries.

If condensation appears on the circuit window, most likely a problem with the installation. Unprofessional installation has caused problems with blowing, the formation of cracks in the foam and the further freezing of the window.
In this case, it is better to replace the window and no longer worry about such problems.

The box turned yellow

If yellowing is visible immediately after installation, most likely the traces of foam. Unfortunately, to remove them without damaging the profile will not work. White will lose the smoothness and glossy Shine.

The yellow profile is also indicative of a low quality and out of direct sunlight. Modern profiles are warranted to be fading, ask it from your company.

For example, the VEKA profile has proved itself on the market as not susceptible to yellowing. The manufacturer gives a guarantee up to 40 years of operation!

A professional company of plastic Windows are not only able to resolve these issues promptly, but also to warn, properly conducting the procedures of measuring, disassembly, installation and post sale service. The company “Megabanger” is the only representative of the brand VEKA in Smolensk, will provide professional measurement and installation of the new window, provides warranty and service of the installed Windows, proper repair if necessary. Enjoy the new window together with the company “Mahavarat”:

To request a certified installation teams and stay warm in your home!

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