Problems in education of the son has set Anfisa Chekhov to a standstill

Проблемы в воспитании сына поставили Анфису Чехову в тупик
The presenter complained that he did not recognize his son.

Anfisa Chekhova with Guram Bablishvili and son Solomon

Photo: @achekhova (Instagram Anfisa Chekhova)

A few days ago, Anfisa Chekhova, after returning from a detox tour in Bali, took her son from Georgia, where he lived for two weeks with my dad. During this time, Solomon had changed so that mother finds it bad. Changes have affected both its appearance and character. First Anfisa noticed that after the son carried out father time became more brutal: refused mother’s hugs and kisses. “Solik has grown so much over the past few weeks! This was the guy, the business and with a rough hug,” — wrote Anfisa. And then he, quite unexpectedly for his mother, began the syndrome of “crybabies”.

Anfisa whiny my son’s behavior has led to the confusion. She described the situation and tried to find out from their friends the details of the education of children: maybe, they say, it is this age? “He started “crying”. Crying for any reason… Today, for example, cried that he didn’t want to be big, and wants to remain forever young. Moms, share your experiences, your son had such a whiny periods? And how fast is it going? Or is it forever?” — interested in Anfisa.

The subscribers are confident that the sharp mood swings of a child can really be attributed to age-related changes. And may affect different features of education of parents. Since then, as it became known about divorce of Anfisa with Guram Bablishvili, Solomon was often changed their place of residence. Chekhov agreed with her ex-husband about joint education of the time he spends with dad and part mom.