Priyanka Chopra spoke about the relations Meghan Markle with the Prince

Приянка Чопра рассказала об отношениях Меган Маркл с принцем

Friend and co-worker Meghan Markle Priyanka Chopra was the guest of the program Wendy and Wendy Williams. Tricky TV presenter managed to talk the talker the Priyanka and find out some details of the relationship of the heir to the British throne and one that may soon become a Princess.

Chopra confirmed to Wendy that he and Megan were close friends, even met recently. Priyanka was trying to avoid the revelations, but said that Markle very happy with Harry, and the question of Williams, whether to wait for the imminent wedding of the Prince and the actress replied:
“I don’t know, I can’t say, but I hope that it will be so. Look at her! Megan just glows with happiness. They’re such a great couple, but you understand that public relations is always stressful. However, this is Megan never told,” said Priyanka.
Recall that Megan recently went to a wedding of Pippa Middleton, sister of Duchess of Cambridge. The official part of the ceremony Markle was not able to come, as it is neither a wife nor a fiancée Harry, but the party was invited. It is true there, according to eyewitnesses, they were not side-by-side, and sat on restricted areas in different parts of the hall. In short, the organizers of the ceremony bothered about the fact that Harry and Megan did not attract more attention than the newlyweds.