Priyanka Chopra introduced the groom to the Duchess Megan

Приянка Чопра представила жениха герцогине Меган
Wife of Harry, endorsed the choice of his girlfriend.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra


36-year-old actress Priyanka Chopra completely
happy. She not only received an offer of marriage from his
favorite, besides, best friend Actresses — Meghan Markle applauded her choice.

Priyanka introduced his now
the official fiancé of singer nick Jonas, Meghan and her husband Prince Harry soon after the engagement. They met in Costwolds
(County of Oxfordshire) in a mansion that the Prince and Markle, who after the wedding
the Duchess of Sussex, was removed this summer. As reported by the publication well
an informed source, Duchess fully supported the choice of his girlfriend
Priyanka. And after watching Nick and his bride, came to the conclusion that they are well
suited to each other.

As to the engagement, held
earlier during the romantic journey of the pair in London, she became
a complete surprise to all but the most intimate friends of the couple. After all, lovers
started Dating a couple of months ago! However, during this time, and Priyanka, and
Nick managed to introduce his beloved parents.

As for the friendship Chopra and Duchess of,
she, as told to Priyanka, started some time ago. “We met on
one of the charity events three or four years ago. And immediately
friends – we have found a number of topics that strongly interested us both…” he told the bride nick Jonas. Since then Priyanka and Megan always supported
contact. So no one was surprised when Chopra was among the elect
the guests invited not only to attend the wedding of Harry and Megan,
held in Windsor, but on the night of the party only for the closest