Princess Diana wanted to get my husband back into the family

Принцесса Диана хотела вернуть мужа в семью

Andrew Morton continues to slowly give out the secrets of Princess Diana. This year marks twenty years since the death of Lady Di, the former wife of Prince Charles, which his entire married life had to compete with her husband’s mistress, and that her battle was lost. However, at the beginning of their marriage, the Princess believed that she would be able to return the incorrect believing family and was willing to humiliate himself even unpleasant conversations with the object of adoration of his spouse Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Принцесса Диана хотела вернуть мужа в семью
In his book, “Diana: My true story” (“Diana My True Story”), based on the recordings of the Princess, Andrew said that a verbal altercation between his wife and mistress of the Prince occurred during a party on the occasion of his birthday.
On social event had a lot of guests including honorary and lady Annabel goldsmith. Diana knew her husband was cheating on her. Knew the entire Royal court, so that there – people talk about that whole world. The Princess knew that she could not waste time, otherwise her two sons to lose a father.

In the midst of a party Diana caught her husband and Camilla cooing in a secret corner of the castle. Thinking “now or never”, the young woman went to the lovers. The Prince quickly realized that the smell of fried, and referring to employment and the need to talk to someone of the guests quickly retreated. Diana suggested Camille to sit down and talk.
“Camille, I just want to let you know that I know what is happening,” said Diana.
“I don’t know what you” — played bewilderment Camille.
“I know what’s going on between you and Charles and I want you to know about it” — insisted the Princess.
“Oh, it’s not a case of cloak and dagger!” — tried to justify Parker-Bowles.
“I think this is it,” said Diana.
“You have everything you can dream of: you loves the whole world, you have two beautiful son! What do you want?” — said Camille.
“I want my husband all to myself” said Diana, and seconds before it got back to Charles, said – “do Not treat me like an idiot”.
After in the car on the way home, Diana and Charles had a fight about his affair with Camilla. As we all know, Diana was unable to keep the volatile husband, and in 1996 they divorced. As originally wanted, Charles married his sweetheart Camilla soon after her divorce, and now they live together.