Принцесса Диана угрожала убить нынешнюю супругу принца Чарльза
Affair of Prince Charles with Camilla brought Diana to the paranoia.

Принцесса Диана угрожала убить нынешнюю супругу принца Чарльза

Says Penny Junor, the author of the new book “Duchess —
The Untold Story”, Princess Diana hated
Camilla, who became the mistress of her husband, so much so that were willing to get rid of
her at any price. Excerpts from this book appeared on the website dailymail.co.uk.

Numerous witnesses, who knew and Diana and her
rival have confirmed that the wife of Prince Charles, brought his affair, repeatedly called Camille, threatening her
death. One day, the Princess called the future Duchess of Cornell in the night and said: “I sent someone to kill
you. He’s already in your garden. Look out the window, you see him?” Not surprisingly, Camille
was terrified…

In fact, by the time when Charles married
Diana, his affair, which began in 1970, ceased. Without waiting
offers from the Prince, Camilla accepted the offer of caring for her that
time officer and court, Andrew and married him in 1973. the First time
she was quite happy, but then, as she was disappointed in
her marriage, she had reconnected with Charles.

However, by 1981 mu, when Charles decided to marry Diane
the Royal family considered it a worthy candidate for the role of the wife
the heir to the throne, he temporarily suspended his affair with Camilla. So
when the Prince, soon after the wedding has vowed to Diana, who learned of his relationship
Mrs Parker-Bowles that they are no longer lovers, he is, apparently, not
sinned against the truth.

But the relationship of Charles and Diana did not go well and without
Camilla. They do not coincide absolutely everything – they liked different books
different music… Diana didn’t love the country life, and Charles, by contrast, dreamed of
to live permanently at his country estate… besides, although she was
from an aristocratic family and childhood had heard a lot about the life at court, she
were not ready to perform the duties of the wife of Prince. All
the courtiers of the ceremony, she was tired and annoyed and she did everything to them
to evade. Worse, according to Dean from the very beginning was not in love with
Charles, she just couldn’t resist the prospect of becoming a Princess…

However, Diana was madly jealous of her husband, and the feeling literally drove her crazy. It
so lost his temper that once gave Camille the scene when
witnesses. “I know what’s goin’ on! Don’t take me for an idiot…
Give me back my husband!”— screamed Diana, who gave lady Annabel Goldsmith.

Relationship to Princess Charles became worse and worse. Of course, this story
just could not end well: in 1992, they announced that decided
to disperse. After a loud series
the scandals that shook the Royal Palace, the Queen was forced to give his
son the permission to divorce, which was completed in 1996. And 9 years later, after the tragic
the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, Charles finally married Camilla.