Princess Diana suffered from bulimia because of the resentment of her husband

Принцесса Диана страдала от булимии из-за обид мужа

Closer to the twentieth anniversary of the death of the beloved Princess Diana, the former wife of Prince Charles and mother of his sons Prince William and Prince Harry. Andrew Morton, the biographer of Lady Di, as it is affectionately called, said in his book “Diana: Her true story” (“Diana: Her True Story”) that the Princess confessed to his mental torments and the insults inflicted by her husband and which led to bulimia – eating disorder.

That Diana suffered this disease, she admitted to herself, making a secret audio recording to his biographer. Twenty years after the death of Princess Morton plans to publish these records in the form of an interview with her.
Problems Diana began shortly after Charles asked her to be his wife. The confessions of a Princess, crowned the bridegroom put his arm round her waist and said she was “a little chubby”. The future Princess who has never suffered from excess weight, was shocked by what he heard and accepted the words of Charles so close to the heart that almost stopped eating. It ended with bulimia. Her body simply started rejecting the food. In the months before the wedding in 1981, she “became a shadow of itself”.
“I remember when I first got sick. I felt bad, but I treated this as a peripheral phenomenon my little victory. When I first tried on the wedding dress, my waist was 29 inches, and on the wedding day, six months later, she was 23,” said Diana.
The future spouses met when Diana was only sixteen years old, and Charles is already 29. He then met her 22-year-old sister Sarah. At the party to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the Prince birthday boy seemed to have forgotten about his passions and focused on Diana. Four years later they became husband and wife. As admitted later in his autobiography Prince Charles, he married exclusively under the pressure of his father, Prince Philip. This, however, did not prevent him to end his long-running affair with Camilla Parker Bouls, his current wife. Diana knew about the cheating spouse and, defying Royal traditions, she filed for divorce. In 1996, they divorced and a year later, Lady Di and her boyfriend Dodi al Fayed died in a car crash in Paris.