Princess Charlotte was given a new title

Принцессе Шарлотте присвоили новый титул
Daughter Duchess Catherine has dazzled fashion designer.

Принцессе Шарлотте присвоили новый титул

Princess Charlotte

Photo: Legion-Media

The fact that any clothes that young
Princess Charlotte appeared in public, immediately sold out, known for
for a long time. And recently, younger sister of Prince George even won in that regard
new title: famous Spanish
designer Pepa gonzález recognized the baby “a true mini-style icon”.

Of course, this achievement
it should, for the most part, be attributed to the impeccable taste of her mother,
the Duchess of Cambridge. However, it is not only that. Irresistible charm
Charlotte, which is strikingly similar to his great grandmother — Queen Elizabeth—
makes even the most mediocre clothing that goes “into the light” a little
Princess dream for millions of mothers on the planet. It is justly famous
the French brand has devoted daughter Kate and Prince William’s collection of children’s clothing, and designer Marc Jacobs came up with a new lipstick
lipstick deep pink as the lips of a young Princess, called

Queen Elizabeth II grandchildren

Photo: TheBritishMonarchy/Facebook

As for Pepa’s Gonzales, the way she
admitted, thanks to the little Princess sales of children’s clothing her firm
increased 3,000 percent! Now a Spanish company known in the most distant
parts of the world. This is not surprising, Katherine repeatedly dressed
Charlotte in toilets from Pepa’s in the most demanding situations. So, for the front
portrait of Elizabeth with grandchildren, on the occasion of her 90th birthday, mom dressed Princess
in a knitted cardigan from Gonzales. And during a recent visit to Canada
children’s tea party specially organized by owners for toddlers William and
Catherine, Charlotte adorned in the
lovely pale blue dress. And after photos from this
the event appeared in the press, the outfit, as might be expected, was swept away
from the shelves of children’s boutiques and online store in less than a day…