Принцесса Шарлотта показала язык "подданым"

The behavior of the young Princess Charlotte has become a major topic for discussion after the charity sailing regatta The King’s Cup, which was attended by her parents. The Princess has shown that even “blue blood” — not a hindrance to children’s pranks.

Принцесса Шарлотта показала язык "подданым"

8 August on the Isle of Wight – the largest island off the coast of England – a charity sailing regatta The King’s Cup, which was attended by the Royal family. For the opportunity to sail first competed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, only they were part of different teams.

For such activities the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton chose the onion in a marine style: top stripe wide and dark blue pants, and instead of heels, oddly enough, the Duchess had chosen white sneakers. However, then she changed into athletic shorts and a jacket. This image was far from her normal Royal dresses and pants, because it allowed Kate to show off long slender legs.

The competition, which involved representatives of various charities the Duke and Duchess arrived together with his family. So, they were ill parents Kate Middleton, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, which later became the main stars of the day. The house was only the little Prince Louis.

All morning the Prince and Princess had fun on the beach, where he tried to pull the rope with the other children, blow bubbles and play with the all dressed up as pirates artists. But after the games they had to participate in the “oficialista”.

So, after the race, when the Duchess of Cambridge have been able to go on a boat with my family, all the attention of the press and public was focused on him. In order to “serve the citizen” Kate asked the girl to greet them. 4-year-old Princess reacted to the best of his age: instead of a nice wave, she showed the audience the language. Who knows, maybe she just got tired of such close attention to her?

Such a gesture on the part of young Princess participants and spectators of the regatta reacted with laughter and applause. Puzzled by the behavior of the young Charlotte just mom-Duchess and grandparents, which is much confused what is happening. Kate Middleton, who loves spending time with children, tried to treat the gesture daughter calmly and with humor, but soon hurried to get the Princess away from the public eye.

Not remained aloof and Prince George, who touched the audience with his attire: the image of the boy was added the captain’s hat.

Note that neither the Duke nor the Duchess of Cambridge failed to take first place in the race.

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