Принцесса Шарлотта готовится к своему первому королевскому туру
Duchess Catherine and Prince William with children will travel to Canada.

The Royal family of great Britain

Photo: Splash News/East news

Princess Charlotte, daughter of the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband, soon
will embark on its first official voyage. She, along with her parents and brother
Prince George, have to travel overseas — to Canada, where the family will go on
the invitation of the canadian government.

say, Kate and Prince William, coordinating trip details wanted
initially leave the kids at home with nanny Maria Borrallo. But they had
too fresh the memories of their voyage in the spring of this year in India and Bhutan, when
they really missed the children, who did not dare to take. So
this time in Canada will go the family complete.

and William was already in the country they first visited it in 2011 and it was
their first foreign voyage after the wedding. And then the pair visit went extremely
successfully – the Duchess and the Prince was delighted by the beauty of Canada. In addition, they, in
turn very much to Canadians. So this time they chose
the route of his journey already with knowledge of the matter. As announced, Kate and
William and the kids wanted to visit British Columbia is scenic province located on the
the West of the country. And since they go there with children, schedule provided
country walks, outdoor activities. Besides, specially for
three-year-old Prince George will be organized by the fishing in the Yukon river.

by the way, Prince William and his family only recently returned from another
travel in Britain
the first half of August. They spent two weeks holidays with children in France
where he returned earlier in the week. During their stay they visited
Biarritz and Toulouse — Chateau de Rock. And took them to France personal
the plane of the Duke of Westminster, Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor hall, who died on
this week, making his son and heir Hugh Grosvenor
the youngest billionaire on the planet.

They say
that is the sudden death of the Duke caused the premature return
Kate and William with children in the UK, where his funeral was held on. After all
the Royal family has been closely associated with Westminster: the wife of the Duke godmother Prince
William and Hugh son — one of the godparents of Prince George.

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