Принцесса Беатриса бросила своего бойфренда
Patience is granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth ended.

Princess Beatrice and Dave Clark

Photo: Instagram.com

The other day
it became known that the daughter of Prince Andrew and granddaughter of Queen – 27-year-old Princess Beatrice took
the decision to break up with her boyfriend, who she dated for 10 years.
This was reported by the newspaper The Mail on Sunday.

fell in love with businessman Dave Clark, who was her senior by 5 years, when she
was not yet 18 years old. They met at a party with mutual friends and
been absolutely inseparable. For the sake of his beloved Princess even dared
to leave his native Britain and move to USA, not to break up with Clark
who moved to this country for his business. And all this time, as
say girlfriend Princess Beatrice, she was wondering when he will propose to her.

Until last
years Dave has at least had an excuse why he can’t marry his
devoted friend. In fact, according to British law, until 2015 Beatrice
was the sixth in line to the throne. And according to British law the first six
heirs must obtain a marriage license from Queen Elizabeth II. The problem
was that the Queen Clark strongly disliked, and was extremely
it is doubtful that she will agree to give granddaughter for Dave. Incidentally, he was
unsympathetic not only to the Queen. By the way, say, a boyfriend. so
didn’t like Prince William that he at the time refused to invite Clark
on his wedding day.

for the proposal of marriage from Dave, his Princess never
wait. When in may last year, was born the daughter of Prince William and
Duchess Catherine – Charlotte, Beatrice, as a result, moved in the queue
to the throne, becoming the seventh. And from that moment she could marry whom
anyone, without waiting for the approval of the Queen. Of course, the Princess decided that since their
future happiness nothing hinders, now Clark will offer her
finally, to become his lawful wife.

She waited more than a year. But this summer her
patience ran out, and the Princess gave her boyfriend an ultimatum: either they
create a family, or diverge. And since Clark was still not ready
to make a responsible decision, Beatrice announced that she is leaving him…

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