Princess Beatrice might have taken the eyes of a popular singer

Принцесса Беатрис едва не лишила глаза популярного певца
Joke of the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth nearly ended with drama.

Princess Beatrice


Princess Beatrice,
daughter of the middle son of Queen Prince Andrew, loves pranks and jokes. But her
the latest idea, which she realized during a party thrown in her
his father’s house at Windsor, was not as planned and only a miracle
not ended serious trouble. This was told to the British edition

It all started,
the singer James blunt, who is friends with 28-year-old Beatrice (blunt — award-winning Brit Awards and MTV Video Awards) told her once jokingly:
he would be happy if Queen Elizabeth granted him the title of knight. And Beatrice conceived
great, she thought, a joke.

To get “props”, that is, the ceremonial sword in the house of the Prince Andrew was
it is not difficult. As the audience for his little show Princess
invited about 20 of his friends. And now, before you go to
dessert, Beatrice harvested drew a sword and called on blunt to stand in front of her
on one knee.

Guess about the meaning of her joke, the singer obeyed. And everything was going
well, while referring, as expected, sword newly made “knight”, it is not
proclaimed, completing the ceremony: “Arise, sir James!” And at this moment is
to gently take the sword to the side, she swung it sharply, raising his hand
up and slightly back, not knowing that behind her the other man — popular American singer and actor ed Sheeran… it’s Good that he still managed to recoil slightly. But
the sword still left a deep cut on the cheek of ed. As recognized by Sheeran on
the following day, he seriously scared, because accidental blow could deprive him

Fortunately, the father of Beatrice, Prince Andrew, in that evening was not home — he left
on business in Mexico. But, as you say, after learning about the incident, he was outraged and
did the daughters of serious reprimand.