Princes William and Harry: “We said to my mother: bye, see you soon!”

Принцы Уильям и Гарри: «Мы сказали маме: пока, до скорого!» The sons of Princess Diana remembered the last conversation with her. William and Harry all his life can not forgive myself, that a telephone conversation with the mother the day of her death was too short. The young men shared very personal experiences twenty years after the untimely departure of their loved one.
Принцы Уильям и Гарри: «Мы сказали маме: пока, до скорого!»

20 years ago, on 31 August 1997, did not become Princess Diana. 36-year-old blooming woman, the mother of two children, died in a car accident, which occurred in Paris, near the Alma bridge.

On the anniversary of the tragic departure of the sons of lady Di, princes William and Harry gave a great interview about his mother, which formed the basis for the movie shown on the First channel, “Diana is our mother.” Throughout the tape the two brothers I consider family album, remembering the brightest and most tragic moments of his life.

William and Harry have shared very personal memories about mom. Telling how she was remembered only to them, the young men talked about how incredibly caring, loving, and cheerful person was Princess Diana. Prince William has told, what an awesome surprise, proving her love, she did that to him once.

Принцы Уильям и Гарри: «Мы сказали маме: пока, до скорого!»
Принцы Уильям и Гарри: «Мы сказали маме: пока, до скорого!»“It was a funny story, says Prince William. – Mom invited us Naomi Campbell, Kristi Turlington and Cindy Crawford, have them meet me after school. I was 12 years old, and their pictures hung at thinking in the room. Seeing them, I blushed, mumbled something and almost fell down the stairs. I will remember it forever. Such drawings were an expression of love mom.”

The brothers found the courage to voice the most difficult time in their lives. William and Harry remembered where they were and what they were doing in that black August day and confessed about what will regret the rest of your life. The princes spent holidays in Scotland, lady Diana was far away from sons, but always called them. The boys didn’t have time for long conversations with my mom.

“When the phone rang, Harry and I was in a hurry to say: bye, see you soon to run his business, says Prince William. If I knew that day would happen, I would not have reacted to the conversation so lightly”.
Принцы Уильям и Гарри: «Мы сказали маме: пока, до скорого!»
Принцы Уильям и Гарри: «Мы сказали маме: пока, до скорого!»“I was called to the phone: Harry, mother calling from Paris, recalls that fateful day, Prince Harry. – I do not remember exactly what went on in that conversation. But the rest of my life I will regret that it was so short. If I had a premonition that her life was cut short that night, our conversation would be very different. Remember this is very painful…”

Princess Diana died in resuscitation of one of hospitals of Paris at 4 a.m. on August 31. The lifeguard told about the last words of Princess Diana before her death

Her eldest son William was only 15 years old, the youngest of Harry – 12. Recalling those terrible days, William today compares what happened with the earthquake that destroyed his life. Difficult period after the death of his mother lasted for a long seven years.

Принцы Уильям и Гарри: «Мы сказали маме: пока, до скорого!»“It took a lot of time to recover, says Prince William. – It is a terrible grief. You lose a sense of reality. Don’t know where you are, what’s going on. You’re trying to build a new life, trying to understand what happened. I’ve been telling myself that mom would not want to see me depressed and sad, try to fill your life with things. It is not always easy”.
Принцы Уильям и Гарри: «Мы сказали маме: пока, до скорого!»

Prince Harry was experiencing several different emotions after the death of the mother. “I was a child, he explains his feelings. To some extent I am resigned to the idea that I have no mother. I think this is a classic case where a person does not allow himself to think about the mother to the anguish and the pain overwhelmed him. It won’t bring her back, will only make him more miserable. I forbade myself to think about it, drove any thoughts”.

Принцы Уильям и Гарри: «Мы сказали маме: пока, до скорого!»

A few years after the death of Princess Diana came to light, her grandsons Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Their father William is doing everything to ensure that kids know how beautiful and bright the man was their grandmother.

“I’m sure mother would have liked grandchildren to distraction, says Prince William. But grandmother would be a nightmare! Come during bathing, suit Bedlam – foam, puddles on the floor, and disappeared.”

Following the example of his mother, which most of my free time was devoted to sons, Prince William tries to give children the best of their forces.