Принцы Уильям и Гарри возложили цветы  к монументу Дианы
Kids remember mom in the 20-year anniversary of her death.

Принцы Уильям и Гарри возложили цветы  к монументу Дианы

Princess Diana


William and his younger brother Harry brought flowers to the memorial of Diana,
open in the Park at Kensington Palace. Here kids Princess held
quite a lot of time in silence, respecting the memory of his beloved mother. And after
this, they met with representatives of a number of charitable
organizations that Diana supported with such enthusiasm.

as for the memorial garden, which was attended by princes, above him the Royal gardener Sean Harkin started
to work this spring, having landed here since the whole “sea” — 12 thousand plants! And,
all placed flowers here — only favorite of the late Diana white
color. So now the garden is filled with multitude of white roses, lilies, gladioli,
hyacinths and lilies, especially the favorite of untimely deceased

Princes William and Harry


Diana killed 31 August 1997 in Paris, in a car accident
happened in the Alma Tunnel when her car crashed on the bridge supports. The debate about
why it happened is a horrible accident, not subside until now. At
the official version, the driver of the car was not quite sober and lost
running a car that was speeding in an attempt to evade the pursuing
paparazzi. But supporters of the conspiracy theory
still believe that the Princess did not die accidentally, but was murdered on the orders of senior.