Принцы Уильям и Гарри продолжают ссориться, а от Меган Маркл уходят ассистенты

Moving Meghan Markle and Prince Harry from Kensington Palace to the cottage Former aroused heated discussion online. The public can not understand that became the reason for the sudden decision of the Dukes of Sussex. Some decided that it was because of a quarrel of the princes, while others have preferred to consider the reason for the dislike Kate Middleton to Megan.

Принцы Уильям и Гарри продолжают ссориться, а от Меган Маркл уходят ассистенты

Insiders decided to warm up the discussion with your own information. A source told The Sun that the reason was the strife of the princes. Supposedly Harry accused William that he wanted to destroy his marriage, when he expressed his opinion about Megan. “I think Harry feels unable to protect his mother, so he struggles to protect his wife. It’s his way of redemption. He does not tolerate absolutely no criticism in relation to Megan, and he’s so sensitive that it often sees criticism or negative where there are none” — shared the source.

While the network dealt with the relations of the two darlings of Britain, from Megan leave assistants. Now going to leave the second nearest assistant Markle 50-year-old Samantha Cohen. Leaves office assistant after the couple first son is born. 17 years old, Samantha was a Secretary for public relations in the family of Windsor, and is a key member of staff. Most Megan, it helped to learn the Royal etiquette at the insistence of Queen Elizabeth.

We will remind, the father of Meghan Markle Thomas again gave an interview, which according to tradition, told interesting details about the life of his daughter. This time Thomas was told about the first wedding of Megan, which was a lot easier. Then he could personally hold the daughter to the altar and after the ceremony guests received a little bit of marijuana…not for Royal.

Though Thomas and promised not to give an interview about the life of the daughter, he again told some details. He explains this by the fact that he was tired of rumors that the first time he failed to hold the daughter to the altar. On the contrary, he then attended the wedding of Megan with producer Trevor Engels. The event took place on a Jamaican beach and in the roots differed from the Royal. A photo with the father not only because he was asked to focus on the newlyweds. However, one photo is! It is Megan’s dad before the ceremony.

“The photo was taken when I walked to her Bungalow just a few minutes before the ceremony. I was very proud and full of emotion when I saw my baby in a beautiful white dress. We took pictures, and then together with Dooriya held Megan to the altar,” says the Thomas.

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