Prince William spoke about the problems in family life

Принц Уильям заговорил о проблемах в семейной жизни
Spouse Duchess Catherine gave a Frank interview.

Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge: Prince George and Princess Charlotte


In the interview, which Prince William gave Vietnamese
television during his recent visit to this country, the husband of the Duchess
Katherine admitted that they do not easily cope with family life.

Surprising the audience with its frankness, 34-year-old William in
first time told, as it was not easy for him to transition to the role of a family man. “Sometimes I
have very difficult. After all, to be a carefree bachelor and then suddenly
to become a husband and for a father it changes your life completely
… But pick up your children and raising them, I learned a lot about myself.
Of course, in my family life as any other human, there are
wonderful moments, and downs. But I
extraordinarily lucky, because next to me is Catherine, a wonderful mother and a
the wife, whose support I always feel…” he told Prince.

As regards his children, a three year old Prince George and 18-month-old Princess Charlotte, their education, as recognized by the Prince,
turned out to be more difficult than he expected. “Although George is a charming boy he is
just a terrible Tomboy and doesn’t allow me to relax for a minute!” —
complained William. And Charlotte,
which, when she was very little, my parents referred to as “our
little angel”, as they grow older, is also starting to show its character. Catherine
once said that sometimes the girl is very capricious. Besides,
as explained by William, he’s still not quite mastered the art of raising daughters.
“I had no sisters, and now I’m still learning to treat a girl. As
it appeared, to daughter need a very different approach than George…” — said

However, despite his busy role as a family
man, and duties of a member of the Royal family and charity
work, William still manages to occasionally find time for yourself. The main thing
hobby of the Prince — his favorite motorcycle. Sorry to drive him he will be reported now
not often. But William always have the opportunity to spend some time alone while walking with a pet the whole family —
Spaniel, Lupo. This breed of dogs as
explained William, just need a lot
to move. But the fact that Lupo have to walk for a long time, Prince only