Prince William spoke about the birth of twins

Принц Уильям высказался о появлении близнецов
The words of the heir to the throne spawned a new wave of rumors.

Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge


At a recent charity event held
at Kensington Palace, Prince William was intrigued by a gathering of guests. Case
that on the background of the constantly circulating rumors that Duchess Catherine
she was expecting twins, the heir to the throne finally decided to comment on the possibility
birth his wife has twins. The Prince did not hide the fact that such a perspective it
frightens. «Twins? I fear my mental health may not withstand such a
tests. Two children is very good. But I don’t know how I will cope
even with three. Probably going to sleep all the time on the move…” confessed William. “The addition to our family is expected in
april. So in the remaining time I try to sleep as much as possible, trying
sleep it off “in store”!”said the Prince.

Apparently, William and Catherine really is not necessary
bored already with two children — 4-year-old Prince George and Charlotte, which
may will be three years. After all, some time ago, when the kids were smaller,
the Prince complained that his “sons” do not give him or his wife to sleep on
nights. “Sometimes I want to prop up their eyelids with toothpicks, because my
eyes closed all the time from lack of sleep!”joked the Prince.

As for Katherine, so far, nothing
statements about the gender or number of babies she’s carrying. However in
the beginning, in September, when only became aware of her pregnancy, was
announced that “the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a baby”. Assuming that the child she will have
it is one. However, at that time Catherine was at such an early stage of pregnancy,
that, theoretically, the other twin, the doctors could ultrasound and not to be considered.
Thus, two independent insider claimed that the Duchess of
waiting for twins. However, very soon it will be clear truthful these rumors
or not. After the completion of the family of William and Catherine held in April.