Принц Уильям: «Мне жаль, что мама не увидела Кейт, Джорджа и Шарлотту»

The closer to the anniversary of the death of Princess Diana, who tragically died during a car accident, the more revelation we hear from her family, in particular, from sons Harry and William. At the time of her mother’s death they were teenagers, and about their feelings and emotions didn’t tell anyone. Now that William is already there own family and kids, and Harry is about to create your family nest, the young men allow themselves to talk about the biggest tragedy in his life – loss of his mother.

Prince William became a hero of the new issue of the British edition of GQ, and in an interview talked about his big regret is that his beautiful mother did not live to see this day and did not see how from a boy he became a man and father of a family.
“I would love to have your mom met Kate, saw grow George to Charlotte, would like to consult with her. The fact that my children will never meet her, causes me great sadness and frustration,” said 34-year-old Prince.
Is not the first time William told me that since then, as he began to speak plainly about their experiences, it became much easier to deal with sweeping on his emotions.
“Now I am feeling much better, I feel better than before. I realized that I need to discuss their emotions, to speak honestly about how I feel, and to do so publicly. For almost twenty years it took me to reach this stage,” said William.
The Prince added that family support was most important for him in his life.
“The stability of the family and the support of loved ones is what gives me strength. I want my children to grow up in this atmosphere, I realized that family is very important to humans. At the same time, I want my children to grow up free, in a live environment, not behind the walls of the Palace. The media is a bit complicate their lives, but I will fight for it,” said the heir to the British throne.