Принц Уильям довел жену до слез
Duchess Catherine painful perceived criticism husband.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Picture: BarcroftMedia/TASS

In the British, accustomed to the fact that their
adoration — the Duchess of Cambridge — perfect in every way. seriously
alarmed by the appearance of eve with the moral condition of the wife of the future king.
Appearing in public, Kate looks exhausted. In recent months, she drastically lost 10 pounds, and it was immediately added to her age and wrinkles.

One of the reasons is the deterioration of relations with her husband, Prince William. According to information from the Royal
environment, recently, the Duchess of Cambridge is not too often sees her husband. The Prince is really a lot of duties in addition to the family. Before
only, William devotes much time to his favorite work. Besides, he is actively engaged in
charity and often makes visits to partner countries of the British
Empire. However, according to eyewitnesses, even while in London, Prince
more enthusiastic comments on the proposal to take part in the next
a charity football match or Polo than spending time with his wife and

At the date of the official events
Prince William is obliged to appear together with his wife, — here, perhaps, all those days
that guarantee is now Kate’s communication with her husband. And this communication can not be called perfect: the Prince had already started to criticize his wife.

The Royal couple appeared together at a recent
charity dinner in Norfolk. Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge and
distinguished guests were regaled with Imperial scale. Tasting
treats, Kate suddenly dropped, finally, William manages to break from her
cooking, which he is forced to endure at home. And I must say, to please her husband, the Duchess
graduated from a two-week special courses and paid for them 1600 pounds
to learn how to cook. It is clear that the Duchess, like any
woman flirting and asking for a compliment from the spouse who paid little attention to it. But William did not
to praise his wife. On the contrary, he confirmed that cooking Kate its not particularly happy. It is unknown whether he was joking so badly, but in front of Catherine the tears. And evil tongues immediately called it one of the reasons why Prince
prefer to dine outside the home. Sometimes even thousands of miles away from London, and in the society of another woman…

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