Prince William fueled the rumors about the problems in the relationship with Duchess Catherine

Принц Уильям подогрел слухи о проблемах в отношениях с герцогиней Кэтрин
Grandson of Elizabeth for the first time took part in a photo shoot for “gloss”.

The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William with children: George and Charlotte

Photo: photo Shoot for GQ magazine

Recently, Prince William gave an interview to a popular edition of
GQ, which alarmed the British. The fact is that although
Duchess Catherine with children took part in a photo shoot for a magazine, for all
a conversation with a reporter for the newspaper, devoted family, grandson of Elizabeth II said
no word on his relationship with his wife and, moreover, never even
mentioned the name of his wife. And it
fueled rumors about problems in his family… This information appeared on the newspaper’s website
The Globe.

Mention of the fact that the relationship of William and his wife all
this is not the best way, the first time appeared in the foreign press in March of this
year. Then the Prince, taking advantage of the
that his wife left for a bachelorette party sister Pippa in France, behaved as if he is free from the bonds of marriage. Fly to Switzerland, the Prince “came off”
there in a ski resort in society models with a very dubious past. And
when this information and photographs of the “bachelor” fun William
got to the press, Catherine, according to her friends, was genuinely outraged. And
during the subsequent joint appearances of the Duchess and her husband in public, they
stayed tight and did not look very cheerful.

A new wave of rumors about problems in the family heir
ascended the throne after the sister Katherine. The fact that for
the whole celebration the Duchess and her husband openly avoided each other. It’s almost all
time spent with his brother Harry. And Kathryn volunteered to take on the challenge
to look after a bunch of pages and “flower girls”, although the wedding was
specially invited nanny Mary Borrello, which was according to plan
to deal with children…

As for the actual interview, it
William chose to pay the most attention to the subject of their feelings about the
the early tragic death of his mother, and also spoke in detail about his
charity work related to the protection of the rights of people suffering from nervous
and mental problems. The only thing he said about his own family —
is that it is very important for stability. And even mentioned that he would like
to give my son George, “normal”, not the Palace education…