Принц Уильям опроверг слух о помолвке брата
Young son Prince is already bored with school.

Принц Уильям опроверг слух о помолвке брата

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry


During his visit to the County of Keynes Buckinghamshire South East
Britain, Prince William had to respond to the question about the engagement of his
younger brother. This question arose due to the fact that Prince Harry, who
currently in Canada, where he arrived on the sports game for
disabled soldiers Invictus
made a public demonstration of affection to his beloved — Megan Markle.

Arriving at the stadium with your girlfriend, Harry, who
this time neighboring place, vengeance was flirting with Megan, whispering to her gently
ear, and stroking her hand. And because this behavior was before
it is not peculiar to the Prince, who had done everything to hide
his personal life from strangers, many have decided that his novel has moved in
the official phase. In other words, someone thought that the lovers or already secretly
got engaged or are preparing for this decisive step. Besides, some fans
Megan managed to see a hint in the choice of clothing, which has clothed
Markle for a hike to the stadium. The fact that she was dressed in a shirt that
officially listed in the catalog of clothing like “Shirt man.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


As for brother Harry William, he
on the question, not whether engaged his brother to Megan, loudly and cheerfully laughed.
Incidentally, although the wife of William is currently experiencing tough
period — Duchess Catherine, who is expecting her third child, is suffering from a very
unpleasant complications of pregnancy — hyperemesis gravidarum — the Prince himself
it seems, dwells in a great mood. Answering questions about the health
his wife — “Thanks, it’s a little better!” the Prince decided to tell you about that
happens in the life of his son George. Like honestly William, young Prince,
in September this year went to the first class, have already become bored studying.
“The other day I drove him to school. So he, I imagine, refused to go there!
However, I realized that this is a problem not only of our George. One of the moms,
which in our school from two kids, told me that her children are
the exact same thing!”