Prince William complained of problems in the family

Принц Уильям пожаловался на проблемы в семье In an interview to Vietnamese TV channel Prince William did not hide the fact that fatherhood is given to him very hard, especially with the birth of the second child. For him it was a real challenge, but Katherine helps him not to drop out and move on.

      Принц Уильям пожаловался на проблемы в семье

      Prince William arrived with his wife Kate Middleton to Vietnam to take part in a conference on the fight against wildlife trade. He was also invited to a TV show in which the presenter was able to learn as a young father coping with two children and than turned to his paternity. As stated by the Prince himself, it is very difficult, but thanks to the support of his wife, all problems are solved. He said that Katherine very much time to the children, constantly gets up in the night to calm them down and spares no effort to nurture them.

      Children of Kate Middleton and Prince William delighted with the publicity

      Older heir, Prince George, who is now three years, the head of the family calls little bandit, but can’t understand what’s he like more: to his brother Harry in childhood or himself in his youth. The Prince of Cambridge said that George likes to sleep a lot and often getting up to mischief, but generally behaves well. Princess Charlotte is not far behind from his brother and tries to show their character. It is, in the words of a parent, very active, but it is a pleasure to Tinker with it, because Harry and William have never had a sister. And only now the Prince understood what to have in the family a girl.

      “My children I am changed. Of course, fatherhood has its pros and cons. But, overall, I was lucky! And all thanks to Catherine. I never had sisters, so with the advent of the girls I understand what it’s like to take care of the little Princess, especially one as active as we have,” admitted Prince William on television.
      Принц Уильям пожаловался на проблемы в семье

      For Prince William it is very important that children grow up in love and care. He wants them to grow as worthy people, despite the Royal status of the family. The heir to the British throne, active in public Affairs, first and foremost, protection of the environment. He is confident that his work will benefit not only others, but his own children. They, he said, should live in a better world. Parents believe that children will even be able to continue what they had begun.

      The main thing you need to invest in children is to care about others. This stance has put forward a young dad. The heirs of the Prince should learn to see beauty where it seems that it is not. By their example, they want to infect his own heirs. Because spouses in addition to environmental protection organized the funds for the protection of refugees and assistance to children from disadvantaged families. It is obvious that fatherhood has forced William to radically revise their views. Even after the birth of her first child in an interview, he presentsa that much has changed.

      “The birth of a child gave me a brand new emotion. Something I did not expect to experience. It took very little time, but I began to perceive many things quite differently,” admitted Prince William in an interview with CNN.