Prince William changed the Royal Charter for the sake of their children

Принц Уильям изменил королевский устав ради своих детей

Of monarch for the millions of his subjects are the role model. They are smoothed, they follow the example. Today, perhaps the most famous is the Royal family of great Britain, especially Prince William, his wife Kate Middleton and their child Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The Duke of Cambridge has made many changes in the way of Royal life, in particular, they almost were the first to talk about the problems that they have, like all other people.

Note that the previous monarch had a very strict upbringing, they were taught to suppress their emotions, not to share with anyone their problems. William and Kate are preaching a completely different lifestyle – they seek to convey to all that in principle they are the same people, like everyone else, they often experience a variety of emotions and now do not hesitate to talk about them.

The same Dukes and teach their children. Thus, Kate and William stepped back from centuries of the regulations on the education of Royal children: the Duke of Cambridge I hope that George and Charlotte will grow up to be whole individuals who will not talk about their problems openly, rather than suppress them in himself.