Prince William angered Queen Elizabeth

Принц Уильям разгневал королеву Елизавету
Became aware of the shady past girlfriend of Prince William.

Принц Уильям разгневал королеву Елизавету

Prince William and Kate Middleton


Sophie Taylor

Photo: Facebook

William was unpleasantly surprised as their family members, and sympathetic to his simple
Britons dreaming that he would become the next king. The fact that the husband of the Duchess
Katherine allowed herself an unexpected trick — suddenly drove off to Switzerland, leaving behind a wife and children. And chose for their trip the most inopportune
moment. This was announced by the publication

managed to go to have fun on the ski resort is very important for the British holiday — the Day of the Commonwealth
Nations. But the celebration of the anniversary of Union of countries where it is still
the head of state is considered the Queen of Britain, according to tradition, going all the Royal family.
But William, instead of participating in official
activities prefer to have fun in the Alps. What is claimed
not a little angered Queen Elizabeth.

the Prince had chosen to stay rather unexpected company: my buddies bachelor times, including guy Pelly, one of the ringleaders in the “pranks” in which took part
Harry with William. And what still more puzzled all that the group gathered at
the resort of Verbier, joined a beauty
named Sophie Taylor. And William with undisguised pleasure spent time in her

however, miss Taylor — not very good company for married William.
As it became known, Sophie, who
seems all like “model”, specializiruetsya not only advertising
clothing. Her “skate” photo shoot Topless, with her very candid shots are very popular among fans of the erotic genre.

as for Duchess Catherine, it is not yet known how she reacted to a trick of the spouse. However, she is generous and is likely to prefer to forgive William for the sake of the children. After all, Katherine on this part
great experience, no wonder it was nicknamed at the time “Patient Cathy.”