Prince William admitted that he was a lazy student

Принц Уильям признался, что был ленивым студентом
It turned out that the future monarch is not too zealous in their studies.

Принц Уильям признался, что был ленивым студентом

Prince William

Photo: Bobo FA/PIXSELL/PA Images/TASS

In recent years the popularity of younger brother
Prince William — Harry has increased incredibly. Mainly due to the fact that he was demobilized from the army,
now guided them games “Invictus Games” for the army of disabled, injured on the field
battle. Harry freely communicates with the audience and captivates all who are brought with
bump into him. Some have already started to talk about what would it
Harry and not William to be king.

It’s probably just a coincidence, but
in this background, schedule of Prince William suddenly began to change, increasing
the number of outputs of the heir to the throne at a formal event. As
noticed one of the scholars of morals
the Royal court, this was done in order to and about William the public is also not forgotten. One of the
such events was the appearance of Prince at Oxford University. Prince
came here to take part in the solemn opening of the reconstructed

“In truth, I myself, when was
the student, it is not too late in libraries. To be honest, I was
the lazy student. Although if I had this library, as you have, I would
probably doing her more time!” — said the Prince in his conversation with the students.

William himself did not study at Oxford, he finished
St Andrews University in Scotland. In the statement of the Prince that he is not
too zealous in the Sciences, was the truth. Prince gave a lot of time
sports — he was captain of a student football team and Polo. Besides,
just as the University began his love affair with a student Kate Middleton, who later became his wife. And yet, the little Prince
poskromnichal. In the end, he still is quite successfully completed a course and received

Prince William

Photo: Bobo FA/PIXSELL/PA Images/TASS

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