Prince William accidentally told a family secret

Принц Уильям случайно выдал семейную тайну
It became known as the Prince called her third child.

Принц Уильям случайно выдал семейную тайну

Prince William and Kate Middleton


Prince William, passionate
a football fan attending the match of your favorite team Aston Villa at the Villa Park stadium in Birmingham, unwittingly gave information stored
in a strict secret. Prince
which is always very worried if his Pets losing, got lucky this time: Aston Villa defeated opponents — football club Cardiff City. When the passion in the stadium reached its maximum intensity, William was filled
universal mood. And the winning goal scored by Aston Villa striker Jack Griliches, met the joyful cry: “upon my word, I will call your son Jack!” But
then, after a brief pause, he corrected himself, and continued: “… and if it’s a girl — Jackie!”

However, as noticed who was sitting next to Prince fans, all
perfectly understood: William let it slip, and then just tried
it’s really awkward to correct the situation. Indeed, until quite recently, the Prince insisted that
neither he nor the Duchess Catherine have no idea girl or boy she is expecting.
Of course, they love to know everything, but want
so it became clear only when the baby is born. So the words of William a surprise for them.

Recall that Duchess Catherine on pregnancy which was
it is known in September, needs to give birth to her third child very soon — before the end of April. By the way, as it became known, about
London hospital St. Mary’s Hospital, where it will give birth to the Duchess of Cambridge, there was an interesting announcement: “Parking
closed until the end of the month in connection with the upcoming important event.” This, at first
a glance, an unremarkable plaque made quite a stir in
British media. It means that the third child Katherine is born
not more than two weeks. At least that’s how it was
organized, when the Duchess gave birth
the two eldest children, and Prince
George, and the Princess Charlotte.

Prince William and Kate Middleton with children