“Prince street” Oscar will go to the Kremlin

«Уличный принц» Оскар попадет в Кремль Alex Lemar invited the boy on a music show. 10-year-old child on Friday evening detained on Arbat street, attracted the attention of the public. The star decided to support the musician.
«Уличный принц» Оскар попадет в Кремль

A few days ago in Moscow, was detained a 10-year-old boy named Oscar. According to police, he was engaged in begging, reciting the verses of William Shakespeare on the Arbat. The evening of may 26, the child was released, as the local police came to his father. Until now, lawyers are trying to figure out why the police took the child away from the street, although he was accompanied by an adult woman, his stepmother. Papa Oscar filed a counter-complaint. 10-year-old schoolboy was detained by police for a reading of hamlet in the center of Moscow

Many celebrities could not remain indifferent to the situation. Actor Alex Lemar personally met a talented boy and was able to assess the conditions in which the child grows. According to star of TV series “Univer” and “the Life and adventures of Teddy jap”, he was outraged by this story.

“I was very disgusted with this situation, as I also overcame their hesitation and fears in childhood. I sang songs, read poems to the street. I lived in the Crimea and entertained the audience there. Besides, I met the parents of Oscar, they are creative people, intellectuals and, of course, they are outraged that the son just took it and somewhere dragged. Oscar is a lovely, smart guy,” shared Lemar with “StarHit”.

Alex decided to make a gift to the child and his family. He presented the boy a ticket for a musical show “Happiness”, which will take place tonight in the Kremlin.

“I gave them tickets to celebrate with us today from our whole team prepared a concert in the Kremlin. I want the boy felt that gifted children should be supported by the country and society. Young artists – the finalists will be performing tonight on the main stage of the country together with the people’s artist of Russia and Georgia Tamara Gverdtsiteli, the winner of the contest “people’s artist” Alexey Goman, a musician and composer Jivan Gasparyan. I’m in this production of the play at once two roles – the king and the Storyteller” – said Lemar.

According to Alexey, if Oscar wants, he can read the poems in the Kremlin. Besides, the actor has shared with “Stardom” photographs, which it captured along with the child and his family. On one of the frames of a boy smiling and holding a ticket to the evening concert.