Принс отказался сниматься в видеоклипе с Мадонной

Oh, if only Prince could tell his last word, many of his “best friends” who continue to speculate on the name of the deceased celebrity, would be silenced in shame. After the sudden death of legendary singer Madonna has several times a tribute to Prince, one last time – at the recent Billboard Music Awards ceremony, which took place this Sunday. The singer has repeatedly said that he and the musician were close friends, but is it really? Prince’s ex-girlfriend, Anna fantastic said that they were not as close as said the artist. In 1989, he even refused to record with her video for the song “Love Song”.

Принс отказался сниматься в видеоклипе с Мадонной
“You know, I was there when they recorded the duet.. She really wanted to make a video for this song, but he didn’t want. I think the song he really liked, but in the video he is acting is not wanted. Remember, I told him: “You and Madonna in one clip – that would be cool”, and he replied: “me and Madonna in the video? No, thank you” — said fantastic.

According to Anna, Madonna was very persistent, and even used his personal situation to persuade the Prince to the decision, but he was steadfast.
“Madonna told him: “you Know, I am now in the difficult process of divorce with Sean,” and the Prince replied: “As tied by your divorce with me, or this song? I repeat one last time: I will not participate in the video with you” — said Anna.
Fantastik has nothing against Madonna, but the last performance at the Billboard Music Awards she criticized:
“I like Madonna. I don’t want to sound like Simon Cowell, but of all the outstanding performances it was far from the best” — said Anna.
We will remind that this Sunday, Madonna performed the famous hit written by Prince, “Nothing Compares 2 U” and “Purple Rain” with Stevie wonder.


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