Принцу Гарри не дадут провести Рождество с любимой
Harry and Megan Markle will celebrate the holiday thousands of miles away from each other.

Принцу Гарри не дадут провести Рождество с любимой

Meghan Markle

Prince Harry

The novel Meghan Markle with Prince Harry are not developing as quickly as she had hoped. Though
the Prince admits that his connection with his beloved strong feeling he has no
the opportunity to see her as often as you’d like and her, and him. In
currently they are going through a separation,
associated with the fact that Harry, on behalf of the Queen, makes a tour of the countries
In the Caribbean region. But the lovers fail to be reunited in the coming
holidays. This information was confirmed by a reporter of the website etonline.com.

of course, I want to invite Megan to the estate of Queen Sandringham, where the family of Elizabeth traditionally meets
Christmas. But, alas, the rules of the Protocol
admit such a possibility. As recalled by the Prince, Markle does not get a place for
the Banquet table as long as he is not officially going to get engaged. Between
the way the wife of his elder brother Prince William — the Duchess of Cambridge — had to wait for invitations for Christmas
Sandringham 10 years! As is known, the courtship of William, and Kate
at the time, a bit lengthy, for what it called then the “patient Katie.”

as for the actual celebration, but this year it is expected especially
fun and interesting. Indeed, in the current
time in the Queen’s family grows a whole gang of kids. Moreover, this year
most of the team have grown to an age to truly appreciate
the occasion. We are talking about five of the great-grandchildren of the Queen: senior Savannah and Isle
(the grandchildren of Princess Anne and her children son, Peter)
for five and four years
respectively. Another great-granddaughter
Queen — MIA, the daughter of the younger brother
Peter, Zara, soon to be three
year. Everyone’s favorite — George, son of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge, on
six months older than MIA. The youngest of all kids — Princess
Charlotte, which is only 19 months. So this year for the kids planned a special
program with fun games, sleigh rides and other winter joys.