Принц Гарри хотел отказаться от королевских обязанностей

The heir to the British throne Prince Harry has made a shocking confession: one day a young man decided to ask to deliver him from Royal duties. The darling of the UK wanted a life of an ordinary man, but he felt that he would have to abandon their desires for the sake of the grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II.

Harry said in an interview with journalist Angela Levin. Prince originally did not penetrate into the Royal life. all of these techniques, forced responsibilities and activities was catching up to him gloomy. 32-year-old Prince said that in his 20 and especially after he left the army, he “didn’t want to grow up”. Harry feels that made entirely different test than his father Prince Charles and brother Prince William.
Last week, the journalist said, referring to the words of Harry, “no one in the Royal family does not aspire to sit on the throne”, and the saffron and even more.
“For many years I struggled with the feet and didn’t want to grow up” — confessed to the Prince, and added, that some times was very close to a breakdown. He said friends that he would give up the throne to live a normal life.
“I felt I didn’t want this, but then I thought that my own role at court, and decided to stay,” said the Prince. The opinion Harry was influenced by loyalty to the Queen, and not the love of popular opinion.
“We don’t want to be just a bunch of celebrities and want to be useful to society,” said Harry.
Recall that his lover, actress Meghan Markle is also not suitable for the role of Princess in the classic sense. She has blue blood, and once “went” to marry. In short, in the eyes of the British – not the best candidate for the role of Princess. But Harry’s crazy about her and if you believe the rumors, will soon make the actress his wife.