Prince Harry took new girlfriend… fiance!

Принц Гарри увел новую подружку... у жениха!

For the sake of romance with a Prince, the star of the TV series Meghan Markle donated a two-year relationship.

The charms of the 32-year-old heir to the crown succumbed to not one girl. Among love wins Harry – the daughter of a billionaire from Zimbabwe Chelsea Davy, actress Emma Watson, Princess Maria of Greece-Olympia. And that’s those who managed to capture the paparazzi. And now… the actress Meghan Markle. Was the last six months the Prince’s heart is not free!

But few know that this time Harry had to work hard to Woo the beauty. The Prince took her away from her boyfriend – known canadian chef.

The pair met in may at a charity event. Curvaceous brunette Prince noticed immediately, took a room and that same night he called out.

One thing! The girl was not free. Or rather, Markle met with the known as Canada’s chef Cory Vitiello. A couple even thinking about marriage, but the Prince was persistent. And the fifth attempt, the girls finally agreed to meet! Off we go… And after a couple of days the beauty has given the resignation of the former boyfriend. Apparently, judging that the title is much more pleasant than a delicious spaghetti dinner.

“Harry saw her, could only think of her. They make a perfect couple” – said the insider, writes Dailymail.

While the lovers see each other infrequently, because shooting at Markle pass in Canada, and every time for the sake of meeting a girl has to get on a plane. Harry would be happy to fly, but the Affairs of state and various techniques not leave time for it.

And Queen, if you believe the insiders, the choice of the grandson, as always, not approve… But the Prince, it seems, it did not bother. And to part with the beauty he did not intend. Well, at least in the next couple of months.