Prince Harry spoke about the long struggle with his depression

Принц Гарри рассказал о многолетней борьбе со своей депрессией
Interview with the Prince was surprised and touched by the British.

Принц Гарри рассказал о многолетней борьбе со своей депрессией

Prince Harry


Harry, who recently gave an interview
the Telegraph,
suddenly appeared before the public in a completely unexpected light. Younger brother
William, who many considered a carefree funny guy, admitted that long
time struggled with depression and was on the verge of a major meltdown.
As said 32-year-old Prince, the cause of his condition became grief for the loss of hot
beloved mother of Diana, which occurred when he was a child.

my mother died when I was only 12 years old. But I’m almost two decades hiding from
her grief, pushing all the emotions deeper. I almost didn’t tried to live
in the style of “all is well and life is great.” And then one day, when I was
twenty, I was “covered”. I regained all the sorrow, all the emotions that I
suppressed for many years. I felt really bad, I was almost all the time close to
breakdown. I couldn’t help myself, even when carried out their duties. Times
during official events, I rolled over suddenly such a wave of fury and
aggression that I could punch someone…” confessed Harry.

to cope with their aggressive aspirations, he, by the advice of his brother William,
was engaged in Boxing. But it is not delivered
Prince of sadness which he tried to drown in the alcohol to exuberant parties. In
the end William persuaded his brother that if he is not treated, it will end
really bad. And Harry began to see a psychologist. “I thought there was
sense to talk to anyone about how I feel, because the mother will not come back… But
when I started to discuss this topic, I suddenly felt that I’m getting
better! And now I’m already almost in order. I am extremely grateful
William for his support. And I want to appeal to everyone, if you feel bad, not
be silent, don’t hesitate to ask for help!” commented the Prince.

Princess Diana with sons William and Harry