Prince Harry should hurry: the brother of his girlfriend requires to proceed with the offer

Принцу Гарри стоит поторопиться: брат его подруги требует не затягивать с предложением
The elder brother of Meghan Markle calls Harry as soon as possible to wear a ring on the finger of his sister.

Принцу Гарри стоит поторопиться: брат его подруги требует не затягивать с предложением

Prince Harry received a clear warning from the brother of his beloved Meghan Markle. 51-year-old Thomas Markle, Jr., son of the father beloved Prince from his first marriage, he is going to once again marry a 37-year-old girlfriend. And he found it possible simply to invite the fifth in a series of heirs to the British throne to his wedding and bachelor party in Las Vegas, and also used the occasion to appeal to Prince Harry as soon as possible to follow his example. “Megan is hot, see Harry, don’t lose her. Megan’re born to be a Princess!” About this style Thomas Markle Jr. addressed his next statement to the member of the Royal family.

Stepbrother Megan is not the first time he allows himself to comment on the relationship of the star of the television series “the Majors”, which has 18 months of Dating Prince Harry. In the beginning he was protecting Megan from the attacks of his mother, and her half-sister, Samantha, is also the daughter of their father from his first marriage. 59-year-old Samantha was trying to discredit Megan in the eyes of the public, giving interviews to the tabloids left and right. Accused her of excessive ambition, the selfishness, the pursuit of profit and the like. She’s threatening to write a book of memoirs about Meghan Markle – but publishers will sign a contract with her, of course, only if this wedding would actually take place.

Just recently, Prince Harry has for the first time officially appearing together with Megan at the opening of the Olympic games for the war-disabled in Toronto. Prince – the founder of this charity project and it was in Toronto, where he lives and removed his lover, met her last spring. Maybe that’s where he will, finally, Megan’s offer and will announced their engagement. They say that Megan asked Kate Middleton to do her the honor of becoming a bridesmaid at the wedding. Kate is rumored to be not happy with lady Harry, especially given its difficult and very numerous family. But for the sake of her husband, she supports Megan friendships.