Prince Harry sees the grandmother Queen Elizabeth II her boss

Принц Гарри видит в бабушке королеве Елизавете II своего босса

She would bake ladki and knit warm socks with my granddaughters, but have to sit on the throne and to comply with the Royal regime. We are talking about the British Queen Elizabeth II< /strong>. Her eldest grandson Prince William calls her grandmother “Gan-Gan”, but the younger one, when all his feelings for the lady, greet her only as “boss”.

Soon on the screens out a documentary film about the life of British monarch “At 90 Elizabeth – A Family Tribute,”directed by John Bridcut in which Prince Harry said that he and the Queen not the usual relationship of a grandson and grandmother.
“I still treat her more like a Queen than to her grandmother. I feel the greatest respect, as I respect a good boss. I always saw her as the boss, who by chance was also the grandmother” — explained his feelings to Harry.
The film focuses on the life of Elizabeth, her relationship with family members, particularly her husband the Duke of Edinburgh, and the rule of the state.
By the way, Prince Harry is not the first time speaks with reverence about his grandmother.
“I sometimes think, “How can I meet the expectations of my grandmother and my family”” — said Harry in a documentary programme about the Queen, shown to the British in the Easter laziness. The Prince said that is constantly under pressure not only family but also society and is very afraid that maybe some thing to do to ruin the reputation.

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