Prince Harry secretly got engaged to Megan Markle?

Принц Гарри тайно обручился с Меган Маркл?
The official announcement should follow in a few weeks.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


According to one of the crew members
the group of the series “Force majeure”, where starred Meghan Markle, the actress have already received
the offer of marriage from Prince Harry and, of course, he gladly
adopted. However, while the fact held the engagement is kept secret — in particular, for “technical” reasons.

The fact that Megan is already sad
experience: as soon as there is any news about her relationship with Harry,
rush it not that unit, and the crowd of reporters. For example, when
last year for the first time, it became known that Markle’s meeting with the Prince, her home in
Toronto paparazzi took so dense, “the siege” which had to resort to
the help of the police that Megan was able to get out of their homes. But if now
become aware of the engagement, countless crowds, the reporters rush on the set
area and might just disrupt the shooting of the series. To avoid this effect
it was decided to postpone the announcement of the engagement until the completion of filming the third
season. And it will happen pretty soon — in a few weeks.

The second reason, which has not yet been
announced the engagement — of a purely personal nature. And Harry, and Megan is not very
love to put my personal life on display. So they want to enjoy
his new status as a couple, before you tell the world about it.

The message may held the engagement
the Prince and his favourite, was pleased but not too surprised fans of the actress.
After just a few days ago it became known that Megan made the decision
to leave the show that brought her fame: in the following, the eighth season
the TV show she is acting will not be. And
she did it solely for the opportunity to move from Canada, where he
serial — to Britain to be near his favorite.