Prince Harry said when he had kids

Принц Гарри рассказал, когда у него появятся дети
Brother of William and his bride are ready to become parents.

Prince Harry

The first interview Prince Harry gave
the day after the announcement of his engagement to Megan Markle, extremely pleased with it
fans. The Prince said he and his bride are ready
so they had children. And since love Harry to the kids and his ability
to get along with them well known, all sincerely wanted him to get was

When the Prince was asked what his plans for replenishment
his family, Harry replied, “of Course, we are bound to be children. Not right
now, of course. But in the very near future — certainly!” That he
would like, and it is ready to be a dad
the Prince spoke before meeting with Megan. However, as said then the Prince, he
could not find one that would
could be his wife and mother of his child. Once next to him appeared
girl, she attacked the press and another contender for the role of his bride retreated, unable to withstand “life under the microscope”. … But
Megan, a professional actress, accustomed to be seen, of persecution
paparazzi, fortunately, didn’t. And
now the Prince will finally be able to realize his dream.

Interestingly, as admitted in his interview
Harry, to the moment of meeting with Megan he didn’t know she was an actress. After all, before “Dating
blind”, which was organized for the Prince of one of the mutual friends of the Prince and
Markle, he never looked famous for her TV series — “Force majeure”. But
the first meeting with Megan made him such a strong impression that
he was absolutely fascinated, and at the end of the evening I could not resist and asked: “when
will we see you tomorrow?”