Prince Harry revealed some interesting details of her engagement

Принц Гарри раскрыл любопытные детали своей помолвки
Brother of Prince William has told how he realized that Megan – his betrothed!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


His Royal Highness Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle are “thrilled and happy” to be engaged. Here they appear at a photocall at Kensington Palace Gardens this afternoon, on the day their engagement is announced.

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Incidentally, the Prince admitted that Megan definitely his betrothed, he
made sure during the first meeting Markle with his grandmother Elizabeth II. When the Queen entered the entered the hall of his mansion in
Sandringham, where an acquaintance, after it ran her favorite dogs — corgis. These dogs, according to General opinion, are not too friendly and not allow any liberties
anyone except his mistress. But, barely seeing Megan, they ran to her and happily wagged his tail. And then the snooty settled under the table next to
Markle, putting his head directly on the leg of Megan. “And then I finally realized:
Megan is my destiny!” with a smile told Harry.

Prince Harry, the engagement of which with Megan
Markle was officially announced yesterday, began to prepare to do
offer favorite in advance. However, things did not go quite as he expected.

Prince said: that evening when he decided
to make a responsible step, he and his beloved have decided to hold two in it
Nottingham cottage is situated on the site of Kensington Palace. Harry
intention is to prepare Megan for dinner and went to the kitchen to fry chicken. And
when finished, have the courage — because you just never know.
for sure, how to react to the girl – and
went into the room, where he sat Markle. He, as expected, got down on one knee and just started
this, as Megan interrupted him: “can I answer you “Yes”? I agree!!!”

After that, Harry had nothing left, as
remove from my pocket a wedding ring. This ring, as it became known, he
ordered back in the summer. Prince said that the Central, the biggest diamond he
brought from Botswana — that’s where he and his beloved made his very first
trip, only a month after Dating. And the other two stones he
borrowed from the bracelet of his mother — Princess Diana.