Принц Гарри готовит Меган Маркл к новой жизни
Grandson of the Queen became the personal instructor of his bride.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


On the eve of her wedding with Prince Harry, which
will be held in may this year, Meghan Markle have to master not only
the wisdom of Palace Protocol. The Prince’s bride that does not want to completely
depend on the allocation at its disposal drivers, learning to drive a car. But, in
unlike ordinary newcomers, Megan charm instructor — himself a grandson of the Queen.

Markle long is able to control the car, but she’s right
received in the United States, where she lived before, and improved in the driving art in Canada, where he starred in famous for her TV series “Force majeure”. But since
in both countries drive on the right in Britain, where the wheel drivers
is to the left, she has to relearn to drive a car almost

Besides, Megan has to learn still and a manual transmission! In
the machines used by members of the Royal family, of course, speed
switch with a “machine”. However, as it turned out, the ability to use
“mechanics” included in the list of skills required to master Markle in

Preparing for the biggest wedding of the year is in full swing.
Megan had already decided with the designer of her wedding dress and
takes an active part in
planning details of the ceremony. As previously reported, she recently went through two important rites — baptism and
confirmed and is now considered as her fiance, a member of the Anglican
Church. And is now fully ready for the wedding with Harry.