Prince Harry prepares a surprise for his beloved

Принц Гарри готовит необычный сюрприз для своей любимой
Megan is preparing to move to Britain.

Принц Гарри готовит необычный сюрприз для своей любимой

Meghan Markle


Prince Harry


As it became known to the reporter of the online edition received
this information from one of the friends of Prince Harry, younger brother William
decided to make his girlfriend a special gift.

Harry, whose affair with actress Meghan Markle began last year, really wants to please his beloved in her birthday —
she will celebrate it in August. It
decided that his gift Megan needs her not only sure to please but also
to do a specific favor. So Harry had opted for a compact,
but not a cheap car. The Prince came to the conclusion that this machine
need Megan. First, it will be much more useful in city
traffic congestion on the roads and problems with Parking. And secondly, it Markle will be able to navigate
London, without attracting undue attention.

Harry model — Mini Cooper — will cost him
about 35 thousand dollars. But this amount pales in comparison with the cost
another acquisition, conceived by the Prince. We are talking about the mansion in the County of Norfolk, who Harry wants
to buy to spend your life with Megan.

Any Harry mansion is
Dirame, less than 100 miles from London. This house is spacious enough even
for a big family— 8 bedrooms in it. And the plot of land on which he
is also quite extensive — about 30 hectares. So the kids,
which Prince wants to get with Megan, will be where to roam. Reportedly,
the Prince opted for this house in particular because it is located
in a quiet wooded area, and you can come here with family for the weekend below
welcome break from London and strict Palace Protocol.

In fact, Harry already
there is a place where he can live with Meghan on a regular basis: Queen
Elizabeth gave him one of the cottages located on the territory of
Kensington Palace. However, to start a life together with the Markle Prince can not
before when he at least make her an official offer. At
rumors, Harry has enlisted the blessing of the Queen.