Prince Harry of Princess Diana: “When she died, formed a gaping hole”

Принц Гарри о принцессе Диане: «Когда она умерла, образовалась зияющая дыра» The heir of the Royal family for the first time openly talked to reporters. Harry answered questions from the media about the family and told me that still misses her mother. Princess Diana died when the boy was 12 years old.

      Принц Гарри о принцессе Диане: «Когда она умерла, образовалась зияющая дыра»

      Prince Harry still remembers his mother Princess Diana. According to the young man, it was she who inspires him to new achievements. Diana died in a car accident when he was 12 years old. Despite the fact that it’s been nearly 20 years since the tragedy, the Princess still love and remember the British.

      “When she died, formed a gaping hole. Not only for us, for many people around the world. If I can fill at least part of it, so I did the right thing. I believe that needs to spend the rest of my life – in a good way – in an attempt to fill this void. And William is supporting me”, said the younger of the sons of Diana.

      Prince Harry admitted that he wants her to be proud of them. “I know I’m a lot like mom. So I do many things that would have made it,” explained the young man.

      After retiring from the army, the heir of the Royal family decided to devote himself to philanthropy. In 2015 brother William came up with a sports competition for soldiers with disabilities Invictus Games (the”Games of the unconquered”). The next competition will be held in the coming days in the United States.

      Prince Harry has repeatedly attributed novels with famous models and stars. However, while he prefers to devote his time to the work. Nevertheless, grandson of Elizabeth II does not deny that he would like to have kids.

      “In my life there were moments when I thought: “I wish I now had children” and there were times when I hid my head in the sand – “Well, you do not need any children.” I’m in no hurry in this matter, but I can say with certainty: one day, I’ll get father,” said Harry with reporters People.

      At the moment all the attention the Prince gives to his nephews George and Charlotte. For them he tries to be “funny uncle”. The heir of the Royal family are concerned about his age. He recently celebrated his 31st birthday. Harry jokes that he began to worry five years ago, when he abandoned computer games.

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