Prince Harry may not be allowed to marry sweetheart

Принцу Гарри могут запретить жениться на возлюбленной The family of the heir to the throne, fears for the sake of love, he will refuse everything. The Royal family already had a case where one of the main contenders to the throne gave up everything to marry a divorced woman from the USA.

      Принцу Гарри могут запретить жениться на возлюбленной

      Recently, the 35-year-old Megan took a day off from filming the series “Force majeure” in Toronto for “personal reasons.” She went to London to November 11 to support Prince Harry, who traditionally represents the Royal family at all events of the day of memory of soldiers killed in the First world war. Megan did not appear with him in public, but hated his character with a hot dinner at Kensington Palace.

      This is not the first red day on the calendar that the Prince and the actress celebrated together. 32-year-old Harry celebrated Halloween in Toronto, where Megan moved to Los Angeles at the time of filming of the series. The lovers spent a few days together, almost never leaving her apartment. The Prince enjoyed the home cooking lover, played with her two dogs and probably did not miss nights.

      “If Harry falls in love, hard, – has told a source close to the British Royal family. – In the Palace believe that he was going to propose”.


      Harry and Megan met in may of this year in Toronto, where the Prince presented the project Invictus Games – a sporting competition for former military, police and rescue workers injured in the line of duty. Megan, who is actively engaged in charity, were invited to the presentation. And in late June she was spotted in the Royal box at the Wimbledon tennis tournament in London. And although Harry nearby was not observed, it is easy to guess that only he could put on a sexy brunette such places.

      Принцу Гарри могут запретить жениться на возлюбленной

      Since then, Megan has been in the English capital at least twice, judging by her page in Instagram. By the way, Harry, who hates social networks and uses your account to promote charity projects, almost from first days of acquaintance Megan is listed in the subscribers. As she is from him. In London, the actress from the first visit stayed not in hotels, and at Kensington Palace – the residence for many Royal relatives. Harry almost immediately drove the friend on a visit to brother William and his wife.

      “Wills Kate she liked, sources say. – Megan proved himself a smart, confident woman who isn’t shy in front of the titles. This quality has always attracted Harry to women.”

      Among the advantages of Megan and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit. She not only starred in television series and travels to underdeveloped countries in the framework of the charitable mission of protecting children, but also maintains a blog of useful tips for The Tig, and this year produces a line of clothing. With more private side Megan is an excellent cook and enjoys yoga, which usually beautifies women as sexual partners.

      “We have for many years seen Harry so happy,” say the friends of the Prince. Rumor has it that in the last visit of the actress in London Harry introduced her to his father, Prince Charles. However, although the Royal family wants to see Harry settle down and has nothing against Meghan personally, some facts of her biography make marriage not too desirable.


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      Принцу Гарри могут запретить жениться на возлюбленной

      At the time, uncle of Queen Elizabeth II abdicated for marriage with a divorced American. Despite the fact that the monarch owes much to this circumstance, in the family episode considered shameful. Harry will take the throne in any hands, but the Queen is unlikely to allow him to repeat the encore.

      Meghan Markle married producer Trevor Engelson in 2011, broke up with him three years later, however, no one yet knows if the divorce documents. When Harry met Megan, she was in a relationship with a famous canadian chef.

      “Harry was aware that she was not free, but pursued her persistently, even aggressively, say the Palace gossips. – Wrote, called, sent flowers armfuls, until she agreed to date”.

      The person that eradicated life favorite current boyfriend, mossy husband is not terrible. But the Queen and the company is extremely meticulous in such matters. The fact that Megan is three years older lover, also does not speak in its favor. The Royal family loves children, therefore the families would like to see Prince younger woman. And, if possible, the English, not the daughter of a black mother and father of Dutch-Irish blood. The family of Megan – another weak link. In recent years her mother, father and stepbrother in turn, have declared themselves bankrupt. Mother of the actress lives in a shabby house in a crime-ridden area of Los Angeles. Dad ran away from debt to Mexico.

      “Megan even did not lift a finger to help the family, said her half-sister Samantha. – Let the Prince come and see how we live, if you dare. I think after he wouldn’t want this hypocrite”.

      British Newspapers are so zealous in digging up dirt on Megan, Prince Harry, who usually doesn’t comment on her novels publicly, did not survive. “This is out of bounds, stated in his name to the press service of the Palace. Prince is concerned about the safety of miss Markle and saddened that he could not protect her from the wave of unfair attacks. Someone might say: she knew what was going on, the rules of the game. But this is not a game, it’s her and his life. The Prince kindly asks the media to stop and think before it’s too late”.