Prince Harry is presented with his future mother-in-law

Принц Гарри представил публике свою будущую тещу
Harry kissed his darling on the front of thousands of spectators.

Prince Harry with Meghan Markle and her mother


Prince Harry made a new step in the “legalization”
an affair with his girlfriend Meghan Markle. The Prince not only appeared on
public with Megan, but also invited to join him and mom actress — Doria
Ragland. Together with the Prince and his favourite came to the stadium also friends Megan — restaurateur mark Anderson,
who introduced it in his time with the Prince and best friend Markle —
stylist Jessica Mulroney.

The whole company gathered together at the stadium
in Toronto on the occasion of the ceremony
the opening of the Invictus Games —
sports games for soldiers injured in military conflicts. Harry,
which is one of the games organizers rented for Megan, her mom and
friends separate VIP box, in which they were placed
five of them, and Harry took a chair near Markle. Despite the fact that they
focused photo and film camera, throughout the ceremony, the Prince again
hugged Megan’s shoulders and whispered something in her ear. And before leaving the box
in order to give a speech on the occasion of the closing ceremony, Harry gently
kissed Megan.

This scene played out during the third
the appearance of the Prince with his beloved in public. The first time Harry, not hiding from
photographers came with Megan to the stadium for the opening ceremony of the games. However, while he was sitting in
government box with heads of States, Megan – nearby on the podium.
But a few days later, they came to a tennis match holding hands and sat
already there. And took place yesterday, the appearance of the mother of the actress a found the following
stage in the rapprochement between Harry and his girlfriend, indicating the seriousness of their
Roman. It seems that the Prince really ready to make Meghan an offer.