Prince Harry is preparing a love nest for lady

Принц Гарри готовит любовное гнездышко для избранницы For the relationship of man with American actress Meghan Markle with interest the whole of the UK. More recently, of the novel went to many rumors, but only recently the heir to the British throne has officially announced that his heart is not free.

      Prince Harry, traditionally concealing his novels, was in an embarrassing situation when began to ascend the contradictory details of the past of his beloved American actress Meghan Markle. At some point the desire of the press to expose all the details of the novel brought the heir to the throne to the extreme. From the official account of Kensington Palace on Twitter, he urged the media “to stop”.

      Despite the fact that many publications, according to rumors, decided to heed the request of the Prince, the tension around this situation still has not abated. Recently it became known that the heir to the British throne, is negotiating the purchase of a new home for his beloved. The house or rather small residence, in the suburbs of Los Angeles. According to sources “he is protected from prying eyes and has an extension to protect”.

      The house has five bedrooms and as many bathrooms, not counting the large room and several closets. The cost of all this splendor is estimated at approximately $ 27 million. According to rumors, the house is going to repair and significantly converted since the last overhaul was carried out there in the ‘ 50s. environment Prince reports that “this place may not compete with the usual Prince Royal apartment, but he was looking for a quiet place where he can be alone with Megan”.

      Sources close to the actress has repeatedly said that the Prince is concerned about the safety of his lady, including the recent invasion of the press, which terrorized Megan messages and calls.

      The Daily Mail also reported a possible attempt to blackmail Markle her intimate photos. In General, buying a house outside the city, which is closed against intruders, it seems the only way to solve the problem Harry, who was not accustomed to the coverage of his personal life.