Принц Гарри намерен объявить о помолвке уже этой весной
The Royal family endorsed the selection of the younger brother of William.

Принц Гарри намерен объявить о помолвке уже этой весной

Prince Harry


Meghan Markle


Roman Prince Harry with Meghan Markle, which began in the fall of 2016, continues
to develop with impressive speed.
As it became known to the reporter of the British newspaper The Sun,
the Prince has already managed to represent your almost all adult members of the Royal
family — with the exception of Elizabeth II.

Yet this fall, soon after they
started Dating, Harry introduced Megan’s father — Prince Charles. Then
during one of his visits Markle in London, he introduced her to brother William.
However, with the Duchess of Cambridge Megan at the time, was unable to meet.
William arrived in London for the one, and Kate was left with Sandringham with
children. Now, according to The Sun, Harry managed to introduce his beloved with his brother’s wife.
According to the informant of the edition, Megan and Katherine loved each other.
Markle has long dreamed to meet with the Duchess, which she sincerely
admires. And Catherine, in turn, reacted with sympathy to Megan, who
like her as an actress, and, besides, is her approval as much
time and effort pays charity work.

Yet Markle is not represented only
Queen. But as you say, it’s only a matter of time. In addition, the Prince
allegedly told the grandmother about his beloved, and she is already pre-approved the choice of the grandson.

As for Dating Harry
relatives Megan, and he, according to canadian sources, have already managed
the queue to meet with a mother, father Markle, who long ago divorced. And,
as claimed by informants of the publication US Weekly, because Megan and
Harry is desperately in love with each other and ready to start a life together, and, besides, they
managed to get the blessing of the family, this spring you can wait for the official
the announcement of the betrothal of the Prince and Markle.