Принц Гарри отказался подписать со своей невестой брачный контракт
Grandson of the Queen decided to risk his multimillion-dollar fortune.

Prince Harry


Prince Harry proved
that absolutely trusts his bride Meghan Markle, which very soon must
become his lawful wife. As it became known, although financial advisers
the Royal family have prepared a detailed text of the agreement, which would be spared
the condition of the Prince in the event of a divorce, he refused to sign it. Harry
said that eliminates the possibility of risotriene marriage to Megan. But such a contract
considering how offensive an expression of distrust to the bride.

“We’re in this together
forever, we will be inseparable for the rest of our lives!” — Harry announced soon
after got engaged to Megan. According to the Prince, he realized that Markle —
its Only at the first meeting,
a further development of the novel only strengthened his confidence. Meanwhile,
Harry has something to protect: according to experts, his state is about
30 million pounds — that is more than $ 40 million. Of them,
as previously reported, 10 million pounds of it, according to the will of his mother
Diana, Princess of Wales, inherited when he was 30 years old. As for
Megan, whose acting career was quite successful, she had
to earn his 36 years of “only” 5, 5 million dollars.

As explained by the Prince,
he even theoretically cannot imagine that could ruin his relationship
with Markle. Says Harry, at the beginning of his novel, they talked about
themselves to each other absolutely everything, including the unpleasant facts. So
them, according to Prince, there is simply no such “skeletons in the closet” is able to destroy
their relationship — if they would
could “dig” reporters. As for the faithfulness of his beloved, her Prince
not doubt one second.

foes Megan is not tired to remind that the marriage with Harry would be already
the second marriage of Markle. Moreover, her first marriage with producer Trevor Angelzoom — collapsed, according to gossip, at fault, Megan.