Prince Harry has offended the relatives of Meghan Markle

Принц Гарри обидел родственников Меган Маркл
Younger brother William allowed himself “insensitive” remark.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


An idyllic love story of Prince
Harry and his bride Meghan Markle happened the first difficulty. The fact that Megan spent her first Christmas in Sandringham,
family of Queen Elizabeth, and at the end of the day the Prince did not allow themselves
too clever remark to the relatives of the bride.

The celebration itself was just perfect. Megan
centers easily adapted to a completely new environment. In
the solemn gala dinner and the General March for the morning service in
the Church she was kept completely naturally and managed to like it
numerous relatives of the Queen.

As the Prince and the bride stayed in Anmer
Hall mansion on the grounds of the Royal estate in which he lives, the Prince William family, Megan got
able to communicate with brother Harry, Duchess Catherine and little
George and Charlotte. “Megan was just gorgeous and surprisingly easy
fit into our family. Besides, we had a wonderful time with my brother
his wife and their children!” — said the Prince. But then he added the phrase,
perhaps to say not worth it: “Now she has a family, which had,
apparently, it never was!”. And it caused resentment and indignation of the Markle family.

“She’s got a family! And always have been! The
she will marry, will only increase the number of her relatives. Since then, her parents divorced, she
was not one, but two homes: her father and mother!” said half (paternal) sister
Megan Samantha. And added that
finds the remark of Prince insensitive.